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Power and Infrastructure

Fortune Engineering PLC is a leading Technology, Energy and Infrastructure provider in Ethiopa.


Distribution, Transmission, Substation


Fortune Engineering’s Power and infrastructure undertakes projects as an EPC contractor for medium voltage and low voltage systems from conceptualization to commissioning and provides package of latest technology to our clients. Manufacturing plants, towns, airports, mining, high-rise commercial and apartment buildings have been our main focusing sectors, where high competency levels and timely delivery is required.

Our Capabilities:

  • Route selection (site survey) of the distribution network
  • Load (power calculation) & load center estimation of towns, factors, mining etc
  • Designing of distribution network
  • Check survey
  • Pole erection of distribution network
  • Accessories fixing & insulator installation
  • Conductor stringing
  • Testing & commissioning
  • On built design preparation


Fortune Engineering is one of the preferred installers for 230kv/132kv/66kv transmission lines, towers erection, cable stringing, cable termination and jointing.

Our Capabilities

  • Route selection
  • Designing of transmission network
  • Check survey
  • Foundation of transmission tower
  • Accessories fixing & insulator installation
  • Erection of transmission towers
  • Installation of Insulators
  • Laying of HT cables and termination of cables.
  • Installation of mounting accessories
  • Cable (conductor) stringing & OPGW
  • Testing & Commissioning


Our competence on substation construction are the following ones:

  • Installation of components of outdoor substations
  • Installation of 230kv,132kv outdoor switch gears
  • Installation of 230kv,132kv indoor switch gears
  • Installation of power transformers
  • SF6 gas filling
  • Installation of Surge Arrestor
  • Installation of current transformers
  • Installation of voltage transformer
  • Installation of earthling system
  • Installation of Gas-Insulated Substations(GIS)
  • Installation of outdoor gantry yards
  • Installation of compact substations
  • Installation of low voltage switchboards
  • Installation of Medium voltage substations
  • Containerized electrical substations installation
  • High voltage substations installation
  • Automation and SCADA control systems installation
  • Installation of indoor & outdoor lighting solutions
  • Installation of auxiliary power backups
  • Testing and commissioning of indoor &outdoor switchgears
  • Testing & commissioning of protection relays

Power and Infrastructure – Renewable Energy

Solar, Hydro, Wind, Biomass, Geothermal

Fortune Engineering’s Power and Infrastructure is an EPC company that is active in the promotion, planning and implementation of alternative energy systems. Since its inception, the company has made its goal to be the standard setter for the alternative energy industry and to bring clean, green electricity to both the urban environment and periphery. We operate across the regions, all over Ethiopia and aim to expand it to the East Africa Region. Our professional workforces focus on the design and construction of each individual project, right down to the smallest of details.

Design: With Fortune Engineering, there is no room for error. A team of highly skilled and experienced professionals meticulously designs each system.
Supply: We use only the leading materials available in the world. All materials used are checked and evaluated to the highest possible standards and over the extended periods of time.
Execution: The process of installing and integrating solar systems demands experience, skill and professionalism. Our workforce deals, on a daily basis with the construction and implementation of solar system in Ethiopia.
Service: and Maintenance Fortune engineering works closely with each client to ensure that the system operates consistently and reliably. We realize that a system that is expected to operate for many years needs fast and professional support.

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Fortune Engineering’s Power and Infrastructure engages in utility scale solar including both ground mounted systems and large rooftop installations. Our ground mounted experience extends across all kinds of terrain, including complex sites (farms) with high degree of inclination and demanding ground conditions, with our in-house engineering capacity, we provide optimized solar plant designs for each project taking into account of specific and local ambient condition’s.

With solar project, our services encompass assembly and installation of:

  • Solar panels
  • Inverters
  • Charge controllers
  • Back up batteries
  • Grid connected PV systems –commercial and large scales
  • Solar stand-alone (off grid) systems for rural electrification, for health posts, schools, water pumps, etc.
  • Rooftop PV installation for hotels, farms, commercial building and Factories
  • Containerized electrical substations installation

Besides of the utility-scale solar projects, Fortune Engineering has set a strategy to import, distribute, install and commission, and offer maintenance and after-sales services for quality and affordable Solar Homes Systems and Lanterns. To this end, Fortune has gotten into an exclusive partnership with NIWA- Next Energy Products Ltd.


Fortune Engineering gives a full package of electromechanical service on geothermal power stations. These are:

  • Installation of dry steam power stations
  • Installation of flash steam power stations
  • Installation of binary cycle power stations
  • Installation of geothermal Heat pumps
  • Installation of pumps and systems
  • Installation of turbo machinery services
  • Installation of steam & gas turbine installation
  • Piping
  • Tank installation
  • Improved welding technology
  • Specialized coatings
  • Corrosion resistant materials installation

Moreover, we offer a hybrid turnkey energy solutions by integrated two or more of energy sources.


Our capabilities on the wind projects cover:

  • Tower assembly
  • Turbine assembly
  • Wind turbine installation
  • Fixing the turbine to the tower
  • Installation of wind charge controller
  • Fixing the tower
  • Installing the ground anchors
  • Erecting the towers
  • Installation of medium voltage switch gears
  • Laying of underground power cables
  • Installation of overhead power transmission lines
  • Installation of ear thing system and lighting protection system
  • Testing & commissioning of total electrical system
  • Testing and commissioning the tower and turbine


We have high level competence in providing the following services to the customers:

  • Turn-key bio gas projects
  • Treatment of organic wastes and waste water projects
  • Waste-to-energy plant installation on Turn-key basis
  • Tendering processes
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design and drawings
  • Concept and project development
  • Planning and engineering services
  • Construction supervision, construction works and project management
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In this sector, Fortune Engineering has a capability of installing electromechanical components on generation, transmission and distribution services for a hydropower project from a few hundred wats(Pico) to 5 kW (Small-hydro power).

Technology & System

Assembly, Product Development and Distribution

Power and Infrastructure – Solar Energy Products, PV & Electrical Panel board, Energy Meters

Energy Metering
Fortune Engineering adopts smart meter technology to receive data and send data for energy metering.

Radio Frequency (RF) Meter

  • Uses for collecting data and transferring data to a central database for billing
  • Saves time from traveling to read the meter

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
Consumer Benefit: Less intrusion and more information to manage consumption, cost and other decisions.
Utility Benefits: Helps the utility avoid estimated readings, provide accurate and timely bills, operate more efficiently and reliably, and offer significantly better consumer service.